How far will you travel to officiate at ceremonies?
I travel all across the state of Massachusetts.

Can we write our own vows?
Yes. Writing your own vows can be an exciting and good way to make a ceremony even more personal. Or, if you prefer, pre-written and sample ceremonies are also available to help.

Do we have to speak at the ceremony?
Speaking is optional. Massachusetts law provides a lot of leeway on what is required at ceremonies.

Do you perform same-sex marriages?
Yes, Massachusetts law has made it official and I truly enjoy performing “same-sex” ceremonies.

Can children be involved in the ceremony?
Yes. Any and all family or friends can be part of a ceremony.. A marriage is a time to celebrate and most people would love to be involved and would consider it a honor.

Can we combine traditions in our ceremony e.g. Christian and Jewish?
Yes. The joining of two people many times includes the combining of two traditions. I will work with you to make your ceremony reflective of both faiths.

Do you do bilingual ceremonies?
Yes, I currently partner with someone to do Portuguese ceremonies. Other languages can also be arranged.

Do you need rings for the ceremony?
No, rings are traditional, but they are not required for the ceremony.

What are your fees?
Fees are evaluated on an individual basis depending on location. A pre-marriage conference is a free consultation.